New paper published in Environmental Systems Research

  • 24 Aug

Lourens Baas-Becking often doesn’t get proper attribution for “everything is everywhere, but the environment selects” hypothesis.  Make sure to check out one of our exciting new papers testing his hypothesis by tracing the flow of genomic information between hot springs metagenomes.  Despite being separated by 10s-to-100s of miles, some of these hot springs harbor nearly identical fragments of microbial DNA.  In this paper, we employ a number of analytical tools and build lattice diffusion models to try to understand the mechanisms that are apparently quite successful at ‘seeding’ microbial DNA across Yellowstone and adjacent hydrothermal systems.

Jason Raymond and Eric B. Alsop “Microbial evolution in extreme environments: microbial migration, genomic highways, and geochemical barriers in hydrothermal ecosystems” Environmental Systems Research, August 2015.


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