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Conference on Complex Systems 2015 at ASU

The international Conference on Complex Systems (#CCS15) was hosted by ASU this year, and featured some incredibly varied talks and symposia.  Click below to download Prof. Raymond[...]

Prof. Jason Raymond

Prof. Raymond studies the origin and co-evolution of life and our planet, as well as the metabolic systems upon which life is built.  His research ranges from using evolutionary genomics to understand key evolutionary transitions on the ancient Earth, and molecular genetic approaches for investigating the function and diversity of microbial life in extreme environments. <email><curriculum Vitae>

Matt Kellom

Presently a Ph.D. candidate in the Raymond lab, using systems biology to investigate how microbial communities adapt and evolve in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

Alexis Bailey

An undergrad at William Woods University, Alexis has worked as a summer undergraduate research fellow with us since 2014, analyzing the genomes of microbes isolated from the extremely arid desert crusts of Moab, Utah, and developing phylogenomic tools to analyze the evolution and diversity of key metabolic pathways, such as carbon fixation, that have shaped Earth's history.

Dr. Eric Alsop

Eric completed his Ph.D. with Prof. Raymond in 2014, and is now a Joint Genome Institute postdoc with Nikos Kyrpides, working with Shell on metagenomic and geochemical analyses of petroleum deposits.

Prof. Wesley Swingley

Former NASA Exobiology postdoc with Prof. Raymond, now running his own research group at Northern Illinois University.

Jordan Okie

Now an Assistant Research Professor at ASU, Jordan worked with Prof. Raymond as a SESE Exploration Fellow in 2011-2012.  His research focuses on developing multiscale approaches for understanding how energy flow and metabolism shapes ecosystems.

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